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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Dead Bird Trick

When I was seven years old, in the deep of Wisconsin winter, I discovered a dead bird outside.  It just seemed stuck, eyes open, magically frozen in place.  I decided that I would take the bird inside the house, thaw it over the heat register in my room, hence bringing it back to life.  I fully believed that this would work.  I knew that I couldn't let my family know about my ploy, not because of any doubts on my part, but because I knew that they wouldn't believe my idea would work.  When I was eventually caught in the act of thawing the bird, and automatically chastised for my junior sorcery, I would forever believe that my family's doubts were what killed any chance of that bird ever again taking flight.  We all forget about the magic of childhood, it's a given.  When I want a glimpse into the unyeilding faith of my youth, I remember trying to give the gift of life to a dead bird.

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