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Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrity Baseball

When I was a little boy, growing up in central Wisconsin, I frequently spotted celebrities around my little hometown.  Often I would see them at the park by my house, playing baseball.  I saw Phil Collins there, and "Silver Spoons" star Rick Schroeder.  I met the guitar player from the band Yes downtown, and caught a glimpse of the bass player from the metal powerhouse Voivod grabbing a burger for the road at Hardee's.  Of course these people weren't who I thought they were, but at the time, it wasn't so unreasonable to think that the faces on the T.V. lived just north of town.  The borders of Clark County might as well have been the edge of the universe.  Sometimes I used to think that I was the only real person, and everything else was just an intricate play set up by God.  Perhaps there were more "real people", but they were in other worlds, in their own play.  Pretty heavy philosophy for a twelve year old.  Maybe my grip on reality was stronger then than it is now.  Anything is, in fact, possible, if you believe it to be.  My sisters would pick on me relentlessly every time I came home from the park with another celebrity sighting, planting the early seeds for the skeptic I would one day blossom into

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